starting at $549

Simplistic Elegance...

The basic couple's elopement package includes an officiant, basic photography package and custom bouquet & boutonniere.

  • Due Upon Booking: $100, plus any add ons, if applicable

Make it Luxurious...

The deluxe couple's elopement package includes an officiant, deluxe
photography package, aisle walk down with music, custom bouquet &
boutonniere, and cake.

  • Due Upon Booking: $100, plus any add ons, if applicable

It's extreme...yes,  you're  Extraordinary!

The premium couple's elopement package includes an officiant, premium photography package, edited video, custom bouquet, boutonniere & altar floral, music with aisle walk down, and cake.

  • Due Upon Booking: $200, plus any add ons, if applicable

officiant packages... 

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Getting Started…

​Prices & package features fluctuate & change, at different times of the year. 

  • The price on the website the day you reserve is your only guaranteed price.  

To check your preferred date for your ceremony and to set up a meeting to start planning your special day. Call | Text me now @ (817) 770.0800; or  

To learn more about our Travel Policy or Terms of Services

elopement packages... 

Officiant Only Ceremonies...
Allensons Events offers many unique packages for your intimate wedding needs.  If you have already booked a venue in the Dallas - Fort Worth Texas area, such as churches, hotels,  gardens, check out these affordable Wedding packages.  With these packages, I will travel* to you

(Fees are to perform ceremony only).

$200The Elopement - "I Do" For 2           
- A Simple Ceremony
- Under 20 Guests
- 15 Minute Reservation

This ceremony consist of the following elements:

  1. Opening | Greeting,
  2. Marriage Readings,
  3. Consent to Marry,
  4. Intro to Vows,
  5. Repeat after me marriage vows (& you can also add your own),
  6. Intro to Rings,
  7. Ring Vows,
  8. Prayer (optional),
  9. Blessing and pronouncement.

Communication: Unlimited

Travel*: 20-mile radius (40 miles roundtrip) of Grand Prairie, TX 75052

$300 | The Altar Package - Marry Me!         
- Unlimited # of Guests
- 30 minute to 1 Hour Reservation
- Great for Informal & Semi-Formal events!
This ceremony consists of the following elements:

  1. Procession & Recessional (walking down the aisle),
  2. Opening  Remarks
  3. Greeting Giving Away of the Bride,
  4. Marriage Readings,
  5. Consent to Marry,
  6. Intro to Vows,
  7. Marriage Vows (& you can also add your own).
  8. Intro to Rings,
  9. Ring Vows,
  10. 1 Custom | Tradition, Prayer (optional),
  11. Marriage Blessing,
  12. Pronouncement, and
  13. Announcement of Reception.

- Communication: Unlimited
- Travel*: 25-mile radius (50 miles roundtrip) of Grand Prairie, TX 75052

- Meeting: We need to go over the date, time and script

 $400Customized Ceremony Package - Our Way!                 
- Unlimited # of Guests
- 30 minutes to 1-hour reservation.
Great for Formal events!
With this ceremony package, you are able to choose every word of your ceremony (at the altar).

  • Our (password protected) website selection portal is provided to you once the package has been purchased.
  • The portal easily guides you through the 13 elements (categories) of a ceremony.

Choose from the following elements:

  1. Love Quotes,
  2. Opening/Greetings,
  3. Giving away of the Brides,
  4. Marriage Readings,
  5. Declaration of Intent (I do's),
  6. Intro to Vows,
  7. Marriage Vows,
  8. Intro to Rings,
  9. Ring Vows,
  10. Prayers,
  11. Blessings (well wishes),
  12. Pronouncements,  and
  13. customs/traditions.

​​This package is great with just under 300 items to pick and choose from with everything from traditional to contemporary, religious, nonreligious, and so much more.

  • You get to choose!
  • Easy instructions and password are sent within 24 hours of booking this package.

- Communication: Unlimited
- Travel*: 25-mile radius (50 miles roundtrip) of Grand Prairie, TX 75052

- Meeting: Verifying of date, time, script, and ritual.


If you have a very large bridal party (over 10 persons), you may want to include a wedding rehearsal. Our experienced Coordinators conduct all rehearsals.

  • Rehearsal only:        $150

Rehearsal added to…

  • Civil Ceremony:        $125 plus ceremony package
  • Military Ceremony:   $100 plus ceremony package

Rehearsal's consist of assistance needed only to work out the details & provide instructions for how a wedding ceremony will be conducted this service includes but is not limited to coordinating family seating, processional, recessional. 

  • Couple plus the Wedding party
    • Rehearsal only | 1 Hour Reservation 
    • Rehearsal added to ceremony | 90-minute reservation
  • Deposit of $75 is required once location and scheduling availability has been confirmed. 

“Sign 'n Go” Signature Service 

  • Weekday (Sun - Thur): $100
  • Weekend ( Fri & Sat): $125               

Looking for something simple with no frills (no vows, no rings, etc)?  Then this is the package for you!  Simple License Signing - No ceremony - Legalities only process.  What is a license signing? 

  • You come to me, we meet in a public place in the D|FW Metroplex.  
  • We cover your license filing options.
  • Name change information is provided.
  • You consent to marry.  
  • You sign your license and you are done.  

It's that simple! 

  • Couple plus 2 Guest* 
  • 15 Minute Reservation (even though we allow 15-minute slot, this process really only takes 2 minutes. This is a legalities process only. Quick & Easy!

            *No ceremony with the service package.

Elopement Package Details...

Includes 4 guests (up to 2 small children may be added for $10/child-must be approved).
Additional guests are not allowed, or the couple must upgrade to our Small Wedding Package.

Mini Reception
Included in Premium Package, Mini Reception can be added for $100.

Cake maybe substituted for a $25 floral credit with any package

Premium Package, couple may substitute Floral decorations and Setup for Basic Couple's Mini Reception.  Location choice must allow food for this substitution.

  • After booking, couple will be put in contact with our floral & cake designers who will discuss customization of these elements (Included in the package.)
  • All elements of the package will be brought to the ceremony by the officiant, coordinator and/or photographer. (Additional travel charge will apply if couple wants cake delivered to reception location.)
  • Rehearsal not needed. Officiant will coach both bride and groom separately prior to the start of the ceremony.